viaja por el mundo web/ nickisix 360 s.a.s. with NIT 900069323-6, is based in Bogotá, Cra. 15 No. 88-64 Office 721 and was founded in 2006. It is a tour company, editorial and event logistics, whose primary function is to identify the changing needs of customers and according to these, to their taste and lifestyle, provide quality services and exclusive to our clients; in a novel way. Offering customized products that allow our customers to live a memorable experience.

viaja por el mundo web/ nickisix360 SAS WORLD, is committed to its continuous improvement, so he implemented the ISO 9001: 2008 and the four Technical Standards Sector NTS AV 001 BOOKING TRAVEL AGENCIES, NTS AV 002 CUSTOMER ON AGENCIES TRAVEL NTS AV 003 INFRASTRUCTURE IN TRAVEL AGENCIES, NTS AV 004 DESIGN TOUR PACKAGES IN TRAVEL AGENCIES.